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set the solar abundances

Set the abundance table used in the plasma emission and photoelectric absorption models.

Syntax: abund <option>

where <option> is:

angr from Anders E. & Grevesse N. (1989, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 53, 197)
aspl from Asplund M., Grevesse N., Sauval A.J. & Scott P. (2009, ARAA, 47, 481)
feld from Feldman U.(1992, Physica Scripta 46, 202 except for elements not listed which are given grsa abundances)
aneb from Anders E. & Ebihara (1982, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 46, 2363)
grsa from Grevesse, N. & Sauval, A.J. (1998, Space Science Reviews 85, 161)
wilm from Wilms, Allen & McCray (2000, ApJ 542, 914 except for elements not listed which are given zero abundance)
lodd from Lodders, K (2003, ApJ 591, 1220)
file filename where filename is an ASCII file containing 30 lines with one number on each line. All abundances are number relative to H.

The tables are:
Element angr aspl feld aneb grsa wilm lodd
H 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00
He 9.77e-02 8.51e-02 9.77e-02 8.01e-02 8.51e-02 9.77e-02 7.92e-02
Li 1.45e-11 1.12e-11 1.26e-11 2.19e-09 1.26e-11 0.00 1.90e-09
Be 1.41e-11 2.40e-11 2.51e-11 2.87e-11 2.51e-11 0.00 2.57e-11
B 3.98e-10 5.01e-10 3.55e-10 8.82e-10 3.55e-10 0.00 6.03e-10
C 3.63e-04 2.69e-04 3.98e-04 4.45e-04 3.31e-04 2.40e-04 2.45e-04
N 1.12e-04 6.76e-05 1.00e-04 9.12e-05 8.32e-05 7.59e-05 6.76e-05
O 8.51e-04 4.90e-04 8.51e-04 7.39e-04 6.76e-04 4.90e-04 4.90e-04
F 3.63e-08 3.63e-08 3.63e-08 3.10e-08 3.63e-08 0.00 2.88e-08
Ne 1.23e-04 8.51e-05 1.29e-04 1.38e-04 1.20e-04 8.71e-05 7.41e-05
Na 2.14e-06 1.74e-06 2.14e-06 2.10e-06 2.14e-06 1.45e-06 1.99e-06
Mg 3.80e-05 3.98e-05 3.80e-05 3.95e-05 3.80e-05 2.51e-05 3.55e-05
Al 2.95e-06 2.82e-06 2.95e-06 3.12e-06 2.95e-06 2.14e-06 2.88e-06
Si 3.55e-05 3.24e-05 3.55e-05 3.68e-05 3.55e-05 1.86e-05 3.47e-05
P 2.82e-07 2.57e-07 2.82e-07 3.82e-07 2.82e-07 2.63e-07 2.88e-07
S 1.62e-05 1.32e-05 1.62e-05 1.89e-05 2.14e-05 1.23e-05 1.55e-05
Cl 3.16e-07 3.16e-07 3.16e-07 1.93e-07 3.16e-07 1.32e-07 1.82e-07
Ar 3.63e-06 2.51e-06 4.47e-06 3.82e-06 2.51e-06 2.57e-06 3.55e-06
K 1.32e-07 1.07e-07 1.32e-07 1.39e-07 1.32e-07 0.00 1.29e-07
Ca 2.29e-06 2.19e-06 2.29e-06 2.25e-06 2.29e-06 1.58e-06 2.19e-06
Sc 1.26e-09 1.41e-09 1.48e-09 1.24e-09 1.48e-09 0.00 1.17e-09
Ti 9.77e-08 8.91e-08 1.05e-07 8.82e-08 1.05e-07 6.46e-08 8.32e-08
V 1.00e-08 8.51e-09 1.00e-08 1.08e-08 1.00e-08 0.00 1.00e-08
Cr 4.68e-07 4.37e-07 4.68e-07 4.93e-07 4.68e-07 3.24e-07 4.47e-07
Mn 2.45e-07 2.69e-07 2.45e-07 3.50e-07 2.45e-07 2.19e-07 3.16e-07
Fe 4.68e-05 3.16e-05 3.24e-05 3.31e-05 3.16e-05 2.69e-05 2.95e-05
Co 8.32e-08 9.77e-08 8.32e-08 8.27e-08 8.32e-08 8.32e-08 8.13e-08
Ni 1.78e-06 1.66e-06 1.78e-06 1.81e-06 1.78e-06 1.12e-06 1.66e-06
Cu 1.62e-08 1.55e-08 1.62e-08 1.89e-08 1.62e-08 0.00 1.82e-08
Zn 3.98e-08 3.63e-08 3.98e-08 4.63e-08 3.98e-08 0.00 4.27e-08


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