ASCA SIS faint to bright conversion

Perform faint-to-bright conversion on all files currently read into XSELECT. If the datamode is set to faint, then the EXTRACT command will run FAINT before extracting the spectra,..., provided of course you have not already done so.

For more details see the faint help page (i.e. from Xselect type $fhelp faint).

If you specify that you want to convert to bright2 mode, then you can either input (dfefile=your_filename), or have xselect create for you, (dfefile=MAKE) a Dark Frame Error file (see the help page for faintdfe for more details), which will be fed to the ftool faint. dfefile=NONE turns this option off.

If you set sispi=yes (the default) faint will fill the PI columns of the resultant BRIGHT or BRIGHT2 mode data files.


xsel >  faint <bright> <split> <dfefile> <echo> <maxgrade>  
              [sis01echo] [sis02echo] [sis03echo] [sis11echo] 
              [sis12echo] [sis13echo] [binsec] [sispi] [zerodef]

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