absori: ionized absorber

An ionized absorber based on that of Done et al. (1992, ApJ 395, 275) and developed by Magdziarz & Zdziarski (1995, MNRAS 273, 837). See also Zdziarski et al. (1995, ApJ 438, L63). Photoionization rates are from Reilman & Manson (1979, ApJS 40, 815), who employ the Hartree-Slater approximation (accurate to about 5%), and recombination rates are from Shull & van Steenberg (1982, ApJS 48, 95). The cross sections are extrapolated with $E^{-3}$ above 5 keV. The abundances are set up by the command abund. Send questions or comments to aaz@camk.edu.pl

par1 power-law photon index.
par2 Hydrogen column in units of $10^{22}cm^{-2}$
par3 Absorber temperature in K.
par4 Absorber ionization state (L/nR2), see Done et al. (1992)
par5=z redshift.
par6 Iron abundance relative to that defined by the command abund