nsatmos: NS Hydrogen Atmosphere model with electron conduction and self-irradiation

This model interpolates from a grid of NS atmosphere calculations provided by George Rybicki and Ramesh Narayan to output a NS atmosphere spectrum. The model grids cover a wide range of surface gravity and effective temperature, and incorporate thermal electron conduction and self-irradiation by photons from the compact object. This code assumes negligible (less than $10^9$ G) magnetic fields and a pure hydrogen atmosphere. A detailed description of the model is given in Heinke et al. (2006) (see also McClintock et al. 2004).

par1 $\log T_{eff}$ : (unredshifted) effective temperature
par2 $M_{ns}$ : neutron star gravitational mass (in units of Solar mass)
par3 $R_{ns}$ : “true” neutron star radius (km)
par4 dist : distance to the neutron star (in kpc)
norm fraction of the neutron star surface emitting