Breaking With Ctrl-C

Ctrl-C can be used to break out of the data, chain, error, fit, and steppar commands. If a Ctrl-C is entered elsewhere, it will have no effect.

When a break is entered during the fitting commands (error, fit, and steppar), the fit will proceed until the end of the current fit iteration (ie. current lambda value when using Levenberg-Marquardt) before breaking. This is to ensure the program remains in a stable well-defined state. Therefore on slower machines, a user may notice a slight delay before the program actually breaks. Ctrl-C breaking is currently only implemented for the Levenberg-Marquardt fitting method.

Breaking is implemented for the data command primarily for users who load a large number of Type-II spectra with one data command. So if you enter

XSPEC12> data my_data{1-1000}
and decide it is taking too long to load, you can break out at any time. However, if you do choose to break, all spectra loaded from that particular data set will be lost. For example, if the command below is entered and a Ctrl-C is sent while the spectra from my_data2 are loading, the 50 spectra from my_data1 will be retained while none will be from my_data2:
XSPEC12> data my_data1{1-50} mydata2{1-50}

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