identify spectral lines

List possible lines in the specified energy range.

Syntax: identify <energy><delta_energy><redshift><line_list>

The energy range searched is <energy>$\pm \Delta$<energy> (keV) in the rest frame of the source. If working in wavelength mode, as set by the setplot command, then the <energy> and <delta energy> parameters should be entered as wavelengths (in Angstroms). <line list> specifies the list of lines to be searched. The options are bearden, which searches the Bearden compilation of fluorescence lines (Bearden, J.A., 1967, Rev.Mod.Phys. 39, 78), mekal, which uses the lines from the mekal model (q.v.) and apec, which uses the APEC line list. The apec option takes an additional two arguments: the temperature of the plasma (keV) and a minimum emissivity of lines to be shown. If the command xset has been used to set APECROOT then identify uses the APECROOT value to define the new atomic physics data files. See the help on the apec model for details.