The Einstein Archive

artist concept of HEAO-2 The Einstein archive includes Catalogs, High level products such as spectra, lightcurves and images in FITS format with an accompanying GIF view, and the raw data , which have been reformatted into FITS.
Different groups have contributed to the final EINSTEIN archive: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (HRI and IPC), MIT (FPCS) and HEASARC (SSS and MPC). HEASARC also generated all the GIF images for the IPC and HRI.

* Catalogs and databases : There are 23 catalogs and databases for the Einstein mission from which the data can be retrieved and/or viewed as well as information about observations or sources detected. The catalog and databases can be accessed via Browse. This link gives access to the Einstein Catalogs and databases via Browse

* Archive Content : The table gives an overview of data present in the archive for each experiment. The empty boxes indicate that data are not available.

Experiment Images Lightcurves Spectra Raw Data
Imaging Proportional Counter (IPC) FITS, GIF     FITS
High Resolution Imager (HRI) FITS, GIF     FITS
Focal Plane Crystal Spectrometer (FPCS)     FITS FITS
Solid State Spectrometer (SSS)   FITS, GIF FITS, GIF FITS
Monitor Proportional Counter (MPC)   FITS, GIF FITS, GIF FITS

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