New, Updated and/or Revised HEASARC Browse Databases in Last Two Months of 2001

The following list is of databases that were either newly created and/or substantially revised or updated(in bold characters) or else slightly revised or updated (normal characters) in 2001. The list is in reverse chronological order, i.e., the most recently created/updated databases are listed first.

To see the online documentation for a database, click on the database name; to query any database, click on the above link to the HEASARC Browse service.

Please also check out our list of catalogs under consideration for being made into HEASARC databases.

In December 2001

Database, Brief Name, Database Type, Date Created/Updated (Year-Month-Day)

ASCA Large Sky Survey (Ueda et al. 1999, ApJ, 518, 656), ASCALSS, ASCA, 2001-Dec-19.

ROSAT PSPC Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies (Vikhlinin et al. 1998, ApJ, 502, 558), ROSGALCLUS, ROSAT, 2001-Dec-17.

ASCA Galactic Plane Survey, ASCAGPS, ASCA, 2001-Dec-13.

Bootes Deep Field WSRT 1.4 GHz Source Catalog, BOOTESDF, Radio Catalog, 2001-Dec-04.

EUVE Master Catalog, EUVEMASTER, EUVE, 2001-Dec-03.

In November 2001

Database, Brief Name, Database Type, Date Created/Updated (Year-Month-Day)

CGRO Pointings Timeline (updated to include all mission viewing periods), CGROTL , CGRO, 2001-Nov-09.

Faint Images of the Radio Sky Source Catalog (October 15 2001 Version), FIRST, Radio Catalog, 2001-Nov-06.

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