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Issue 2: November 1992

This page is provided as a reference to those who wish to cite Legacy articles in their papers.

Page Number References
Foreword 3
The Compton Observatory Archive 4
The ROSAT Public Data Archive 9
The BBXRT Archive 17
The Ariel 5 and Vela 5B All-Sky Monitor
A Recalibration of the EXOSAT Diffraction
Improved IPC PI-binning and Hardness Ratios 43
Calibration Sources for Spectral Analysis 47
Calibration Requirements for Spectral
The OGIP Spectral File Format 65
ROSAT PSPC On-Axis Point Spread Function 77
The Legacy Journal Club - Using the
HEASARC for Research: An Example
The HEASARC Online Service - An Update 103
How to Install XANADU 109
The HEASARC Facility 110
The HEASARC Staff 111
The HEASARC Team 113
The HEASARC Users Group 114
Glossary 115

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