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Issue 3: May 1993

This page is provided as a reference to those who wish to cite Legacy articles in their papers.

Page Number References
Foreword 3
FITS Software Update 4
Grasp: A Generic Archive Protocol 7
The Mewe et al. Plasma Emission Code 16
PIMMS and Viewing 21
The Proposed Timing FITS File Format 32
ROSAT PSPC On-Axis psf - Addendum 46
The Release of the BBXRT Event Data 49
The BBXRT Bibliography 51
The HEASARC's Newly Consolidated Anonymous
ftp Account
ROSAT Archive Update 60
Astrophysics CD-ROMs 63
OGIP Fortran Standards 65
OGIP's Automated Mailing List Handeler 69
The HEASARC Online Service 70
The HEASARC Facility 75
The HEASARC Staff 76
The HEASARC Team 77
The HEASARC Users Group 78
Glossary 79

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