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Issue 4: February 1994

This page is provided as a reference to those who wish to cite Legacy articles in their papers.

Page Number References
Foreword 3
ROSAT CD-ROMs Available 4
FTOOLS Tutorial 5
Access to HEASARC on legacy via anonymous
ftp, Gopher, WWW and ADS
Access to HEASARCD on legacy via Browse 21
SkyView: An All-Sky-Survey Data Service 24
The SAS-2 and COS-B Gamma-Ray Databases 28
All-Sky Monitor Databases Update 31
Once Upon a Time in the Basement... 38
ROSAT PSPC Off-Axis Point Spread Function 40
Specification of Physical Units 57
The Role & Initial Recommendations of the
OGIP FITS Working Group
Quick Guide to the ROSAT Archive 77
The HEASARC Online Service 78
The HEASARC Facility 83
The HEASARC Staff 84
The HEASARC Team 85
The HEASARC Users Group 86
Glossary 87

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