Select data using event, hk or filter files

Select the event lists, the HK files, the MKF files or the obscat on the basis of any available criteria based on the columns in the FITS file that can be encoded into a Boolean expression.

xsel >  select <select_what> <expression> [mkf_name]

The following guidelines on how to construct the $<$expression$>$ are taken directly from the help file for the FSELECT FTOOL:

This task creates a new table from a subset of rows in an input table. The rows are selected on the basis of a boolean expression whose variables are table column names. The column names are not case sensitive, but the values are. If, after substituting the values associated with a particular row into the column name variables, the expression evaluates to true, that row is included in the output table.

For more details on the syntax for the Boolean expressions, see the help page for fselect, (i.e. from within Xselect type

xsel > $fhelp fselect


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