select MKF

Create a GTI file from criteria applied to data in the MKF file. The MKF file is found by searching the filter file directory using the mission default filename expression. Alternately, you can specify the mkf file name, and directory in the parameters mkf_name and mkf_dir. mkf_name must be a literal file name, not a regular expression.

The GTI file created is automatically applied to the next running of extract. It can be saved with save mkf_sel.

More than one file is allowed.


xsel > select mkf  <mkf_sel> [mkf_dir] [mkf_name]


xsel > select mkf "SAA.eq.0"

This makes a GTI for all times when the SAA parameter is set to zero.

xsel >  select mkf "" mkf_name=mkffile.mine  mkf_dir=./

This makes a GTI from the mkf file mkffile.mine in the current directory.

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