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Notices of FTOOLS Releases

Notices of FTOOLS Releases, patches, and other bits of important information can be obtained by an electronic mail exploder to users on the internet. The list is called ftoolsnotes. If you'd like to have your name added, send a message to requesting this action. This message should be sent from the account and host for which you would like to receive the notices. Leave the subject blank and include in the body of your request the following:

subscribe ftoolsnotes <e-mail address>

where <e-mail address> is replaced by your actual e-mail address.

Lawrence Elwin Brown
Wed Aug 6 11:33:26 EDT 1997


If FTOOLS has been useful in your research, please reference this site ( and use the ASCL reference for HEASoft [ascl:1408.004] or the ASCL reference for the original FTOOLs paper [ascl:9912.002]:

Blackburn, J. K. 1995, in ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV, ed. R. A. Shaw, H. E. Payne, and J. J. E. Hayes (San Francisco: ASP), 367.

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