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About half of the staff are scientists who, in addition to their programmatic responsibilities, are expected to spend 25% of their time on active research. This philosophy of recruiting active hands-on scientists to support the community ensures that the services provided are the highest quality. Our scientists propose for and frequently win observing time on the currently active missions and also undertake AISRP and ADP funded research. The current HEASARC and LAMBDA scientists and their responsibilities are as follows.

Alan Smale (GSFC) is the HEASARC Director, leading the overall archive activities. In addition, he manages the HEASoft software group.

Lorella Angelini (GSFC) is the HEASARC Project Scientist. She is responsible for the XIMAGE and XRONOS packages in the XANADU software suite, and is the archive scientist for the Swift, Suzaku, Hitomi, and NICER missions.

Tom McGlynn (GSFC) is the HEASARC Chief Archive Scientist, responsible for the archive interfaces. He also serves as Project Scientist for the NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories (NAVO), a collaboration between the HEASARC, MAST, and IPAC.

Eric Switzer (GSFC) is the LAMBDA Science Lead. He is an active member of the Primordial Inflation Polarization Explorer (PIPER) team and did graduate and postdoctoral work with ACT and SPT.

Keith Arnaud (GSFC & UMCP) is responsible for XANADU software (XSPEC) package and issues in X-ray spectroscopy, the XSELECT analysis environment, and some other parts of HEASoft.

Scott Barthelmy (GSFC) is the PI of GCN/TAN, the Gamma-ray Coordinates Network/Transient Astronomy Network, and the Lead Scientist for its activities within the HEASARC.

Antara Basu-Zych (GSFC & UMBC) splits her time between the HEASARC and the NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories (NAVO) project, leading the ingest of database tables into the HEASARC's Browse and Xamin systems, keeping track of the HEASARC usage statistics, acting as the archive scientist for the XMM-Newton mission, and maintaining inter alia the HEASARC's Meetings and Upcoming Dates and Deadlines web pages.

Mike Corcoran (GSFC & Catholic University of America) is the Fermi archive scientist, is responsible for the HEASARC's Calibration Database (CALDB), publishes the High Energy Astrophysics Picture of the Week, and maintains the Astro-Update web page.

Tess Jaffe (GSFC) as HEASARC Deputy Chief Archive Scientist is responsible for helping to maintain the archive and its interfaces, supporting the user community and the NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories (NAVO) project, and serving as the archive scientist for the RXTE, IXPE, and XRISM missions.

Frank Marshall (GSFC) is the manager of mission operations for the HEASARC, and is also the NuSTAR archive scientist.

Barb Mattson (GSFC & UMCP) was the lead of the HEASARC's Education and Public Outreach program.

Nathan Miller (GSFC & JHU) is a LAMBDA archive scientist who handles data ingest and bibliography, acts as liaison to the CMB community, and develops simulations for CMB polarization systematics.

Nils Odegard (GSFC & ADNET) works on the development and collection of new LAMBDA data products and provides guidance for scientific content.

Bill Pence (GSFC) led the HEASARC's FITS activities, viz., the CFITSIO, HEAsoft, fv software development, as well as the Hera project, until his retirement in 2014. He continues to serve in an advisory capacity for these activities in his GSFC-emeritus position.

Brian Powell (GSFC) is the HEASARC’s Data Scientist, responsible for developing AI/ ML analysis techniques, examples, and interfaces for community use in analyzing high-energy astrophysics data in the Big Data era.

Steve Sturner (GSFC & UMBC) is the archive scientist for the INTEGRAL mission, in which role he oversees the ingest of INTEGRAL data into the archive and maintains the INTEGRAL website.

Janet Weiland (GSFC & JHU) works for LAMBDA on the implementation of new data products and helps guide CMB science content.

The other members of the HEASARC staff include system analysts, software and website developers, and programmers, many of whom work for other GSFC or SAO projects in addition to their HEASARC responsibilities. These staff, many of whom have advanced degrees in astronomy and physics, support data processing and archiving, database population, analysis software, and web programming, as well as providing user support for the HEASARC's services in some cases.

Jesse Allen (ADNET Systems) works on day-to-day data archive tasks for a variety of high-energy astrophysics missions such as CALET, MAXI, HaloSat, Swift, and NICER. He also works on software support and maintenance for many of the HEASARC's historical missions (Vela 5B, Einstein, EXOSAT, among others) and their associated web pages, the Interplanetary Burst Network database updates, and statistical analysis of misison bibliographies, web access volumes, and software downloads.

Mike Arida (ADNET Systems) performs system administration for the HEASARC.

Pan Chai (Wyle Information Systems) is working on the development of the Hera software.

Matt Elliot (ADNET Systems) is developing Python wrappers for HEASoft tools.

Meredith Gibb (ADNET Systems) is developing Python wrappers for HEASoft tools.

Craig Gordon (Wyle Information Systems) is responsible for the development and support of the XANADU software XSPEC.

Michael Greason (ADNET Systems) manages the web pages and data archive for the CMB portion (LAMBDA, the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis) of the HEASARC website. He also has system administration responsibilities for this site.

Bryan Irby (Wyle Information Systems) is the lead software developer responsible for building and distributing the HEAsoft software package to the astronomical community, and providing user support.

Laura MacDonald (ADNET Systems) is responsible for the design and development of the Browse and Skyview websites.

Phil Newman (GSFC) manages the storage and hardware acquisition strategies for the HEASARC, prioritizes system administration tasks, and interfaces with Center security officials to ensure that the HEASARC adheres to cybersecure best practices.

Urmila Prasad (ADNET Systems) provides CMB website and database administration support.

Michael Preciado (Syneren Technologies) develops Virtual Observatory (VO) applications and publishes HEASARC resources within the VO.

Kristin Rutkowski (ADNET Systems) develops and supports the HEASARC's XSPEC, CCfits, and CFITSIO software.

Ed Sabol (ADNET Systems) is the HEASARC's database administrator. Working closely with staff scientists, he ingests the tables and catalogs into the HEASARC database. He also works on many of the HEASARC's web-based tools and applications (notably ARK and RPS), various internal database applications, and back-end infrastructure which supports the HEASARC's web services (such as for Hera).

Doug van Orsow (Syneren Technologies) is working on proposal peer review support, bibliographic references and dataset cross-indexing, and HEASARC website maintenance.

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