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1999 July 9

1998 May 28

1998 May 12

1998 May 8

1997 Jul 15

1997 Jun 20

1997 May 23

  • CALDB INFO - A vastly overhauled version of the CALDB Installation Guide is now available. This guide covers the setting-up of a local CALDB containing missions/instruments which are exact copies of those at the HEASARC (EZ_CALDB route). It also gives details of how to use a new Perl script install_caldb.perl (available soon), which will automate this installation procedure. Finally, the guide advises how to set up a `customised' CALDB which may contain (i) a non-HEASARC-supported mission and/or instrument and/or (ii) a HEASARC-supported mission but with personal/locally produced datsets added.
    Please give us feedback via caldbhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov

1997 May 09

1997 Jan

  • PEOPLE in the NEWS: Ian George leaves Team Caldb. Mike Corcoran and Lorraine Breedon assume Ian's responsibilities for CALDB development and oversight.

1996 Dec 13

  • CALDB INFO - There is a power-outage scheduled for 1996 Dec 20 22:00 - Dec 21 04:00 (Eastern Standard Time, USA), during which time all HEASARC services (including the CALDB) will be unavailable.

1996 Oct 01

  • CALDB INFO - A new version of the CALDB Installation Guide is available which hopefully corrects all the gross errors & ambiguities in the previous version. The current version should be considered a draft, and does not cover the full customisation of your local CALDB. However it does hoepfully now provide clear instructions for setting up a local CALDB which mimics that at the HEASARC - check out the EZ_CALDB route described in the document.
    Please give us feedback via caldbhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov

1996 Sep 30

  • CALDB S/W - Unfortunately the release of much-anticipated script (nominally called manage_caldb) which we hope will greatly ease the maintenance of a local CALDB has been delayed and will NOT be part of the forthcoming FTOOL 3.6 release.
    We anticipate having a beta-test version available by the end of 1996 October, and are seeking volunteers outside NASA/GSFC willing to help us test the installation and running of the script. No prior CALDB experience is necessary. Applications from minority operating systems encouraged. If you are interested, please e-mail caldbhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov.

1996 Jul 18

1996 Apr 17

1996 Apr 12

1996 Apr 05

1996 Apr 02

1996 Mar 02

1996 Feb 28

1996 Feb 26

1996 Feb 20

1996 Feb 13

1996 Jan 31

1996 Jan 25

1996 Jan 23

1996 Jan 05

  • EINSTEIN DATA - Two SSS detector redistribution matrices (without the telescope effective area) are now available within the CALDB in the caldb/data/einstein/sss/cpf/ directory. Further information on their use is given in the CAL/EIN/93-017 memo

1996 Jan 04

  • EINSTEIN DATA - The IPC matrix previously available in the CALDB has been renamed to ipc_90jun07_15ch.rsp, and a new matrix, ipc_90jun07_16ch.rsp, added. Both files are available within the caldb/data/einstein/ipc/cpf/ directory, and more information on their use is available in the CAL/EIN/93-017 memo

1995 Dec 16

  • CALDB INFO - It is hoped that the Caldb will remain online throughout this second shutdown of the US Federal Government, though this cannot be guaranteed. Check the Caldb Status]]]]]]] page for further information.

1995 Dec 08

1995 Nov 14

  • CALDB INFO - It is hoped that the Caldb will remain online throughout the shutdown of the US Federal Government, though this cannot be guaranteed. Check the Caldb Status page for further information.

1995 Oct 30

1995 Oct 26

1995 Oct 17

1995 Sep 22

1995 Sep 21

1995 Sep 19

  • CALDB INFO - An e-mail hotseat has been set up for the CALDB, to which all comments/questions/problems should be sent: caldbhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov

1995 Jul 27

1995 Jun 16

1995 Jun 13

1995 Jun 05

  • CALDB INFO - In the hope of reducing confusion, the (former) "OGIP Calibration Database" will henceforth be known as the "HEASARC Calibration Database"
  • CALDB WWW - Along with the name change, the HEASARC Caldb WWW pages are being brought into line with "HEASARC WWW Standards" (meaning the logos, headers, footers and general style of the pages may be changing - comments/complaints to feedback@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov please).

1995 Apr 20

1995 Mar 09

1995 Mar 07

1995 Feb 25

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1994 Apr 20

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