Alphabetical Summary of Models

Table 6.1: Summary of Models
Model Description
absori Ionized absorber.
acisabs Extra absorption due to contamination on the ACIS filters.
agauss, zagauss Gaussian line profile in wavelength space.
agnsed AGN SED model.
agnslim AGN super-Eddington accretion model.
ascac ASCA PSF mixing model.
apec, vapec, vvapec, bapec, bvapec, bvvapec APEC thermal plasma model.
atable Additive table model.
bbody, zbbody Blackbody spectrum, with redshift variant
bbodyrad Blackbody spectrum with norm proportional to surface area.
bexrav E-folded broken power-law reflected from neutral matter
bexriv E-folded broken power-law reflected from ionized matter
bknpower, zbknpower Broken powerlaw.
bkn2pow Three-segment broken powerlaw.
bmc Comptonization by relativistically moving matter.
bremss, vbremss, zbremss Thermal bremsstrahlung, with redshift variant.
brnei, bvrnei, bvvrnei Velocity broadened non-equilibrium thermal plasma model.
btapec, bvtapec, bvvtapec Broadened APEC emission spectrum with separate continuum and line temperatures.
bwcycl Becker-Wolff self-consistent cyclotron line model
c6mekl, c6pmekl, c6vmekl, c6pvmkl 6th-order Chebyshev polynomial DEM using mekal and variants
cabs Compton scattering (non-relativistic)
carbatm Nonmagnetic carbon atmosphere of a neutron star
cemekl, cevmkl Multi-temperature mekal.
cempow, vcempow, bcempow, bvcempow Differential emission measure using a power-law.
cflow Cooling flow model.
cflux Calculate flux of other model components.
cglumin Calculate luminosity of other model components of a galactic source.
cheb6, vcheb6, bcheb6, bvcheb6 Differential emission measure using a 6-order Chebyshev polynomial.
cie, vcie, vvcie, bcie, bvcie, bvvcie thermal plasma in collisional-ionization equilibrium.
clmass, nfwmass, monomass Cluster mass mixing models.
clumin Calculate luminosity of other model components.
compbb Comptonized blackbody spectrum after Nishimura et al. 1986.
compLS Comptonization spectrum after Lamb and Sanford 1979.
compmag Thermal and bulk Comptonization for cylindrical accretion onto the polar cap of a magnetized neutron star.
compPS Comptonization spectrum after Poutanen and Svenson 1986.
compST Comptonization spectrum after Sunyaev and Titarchuk 1980.
comptb Thermal and bulk Comptonization of a seed blackbody-like spectrum.
compTT Comptonization spectrum after Titarchuk 1994.
constant Energy-independent multiplicative factor.
coolflow, vcoolflow, bcoolflow, bvcoolflow Cooling flow model.
cpflux Convolution model to calculate photon flux.
cph, vcph, bcph, bvcph Cooling + heating model for cool core clusters.
cplinear Non-physical model for low count background spectra.
cutoffpl, zcutoffpl Powerlaw with high energy exponential rolloff.
cyclabs Cyclotron absorption line.
disk Disk model.
diskbb Multiple blackbody disk model.
diskir Irradiated inner and outer disk.
diskline Line emission from relativistic accretion disk.
diskm Disk model with gas pressure viscosity.
disko Modified blackbody disk model.
diskpbb Accretion disk with power-law T(r)
diskpn Accretion disk around a black hole.
dust Dust scattering out of the beam.
edge, zedge Absorption edge.
eebremss Electron-electron bremsstrahlung.
eplogpar Log-parabolic blazar model with vFv normalization.
eqpair, eqtherm, compth Paolo Coppi's hybrid hot plasma emission models.
equil, vequil Equilibrium ionization collisional plasma model from Borkowski.
etable Table model for exponential of -1 times the input.
expabs Low-energy exponential rolloff.
expcheb6, vexpcheb6, bexpcheb6, bvexpcheb6 Differential emission measure using exponential of a 6-order Chebyshev polynomial.
expdec Exponential decay
expfac Exponential factor.
ezdiskbb Multiple blackbody disk model with zero-torque inner boundary.
gabs Gaussian absorption line.
gadem, vgadem, vvgadem, bgadem, bvgadem, bvvgadem Plasma emission, multi-temperature with gaussian distribution of emission measure.
gauss, zgauss Simple gaussian line profile.
gnei, vgnei Generalized single ionization NEI plasma model.
grad GR accretion disk around a black hole.
grbcomp Comptonization model for GRB prompt emission.
grbjet Two-phase Comptonization model of soft thermal seed photons for GRB prompt emission.
grbm Gamma-ray burst model.
gsmooth Gaussian smoothing with an energy dependent sigma.
hatm Nonmagnetic hydrogen atmosphere of a neutron star.
heilin Voigt absorption profiles for He I series.
highecut, zhighect High energy cutoff.
hrefl Simple reflection model good up to 15 keV.
ireflect Reflection from ionized material.
ismabs High resolution ISM absorption model.
ismdust Extinction due to silicate and graphite grains.
jet Leptonic relativistic jet model.
kdblur Convolve with the Laor model shape.
kdblur2 Convolve with the Laor2 model shape.
kerrbb, zkerrbb Multi-temperature blackbody model for thin accretion disk around a Kerr black hole.
kerrconv Accretion disk line shape with BH spin as free parameter.
kerrd Optically thick accretion disk around a Kerr black hole.
kerrdisk Accretion disk line emission with BH spin as free parameter.
kyconv Convolve with kyrline model shape.
kyrline Line from accretion disk around a spinning black hole.
laor Line from accretion disk around a black hole.
laor2 Line from accretion disk with broken power-law emissivity around a black hole.
logpar, zlogpar Log-parabolic blazar model.
lorentz Lorentzian line profile.
lsmooth Lorentzian smoothing with an energy dependent sigma.
logconst Constant in log units.
log10con Constant in base 10 log units.
lyman Voigt absorption profiles for H I or He II Lyman series.
meka, vmeka Mewe-Gronenschild-Kaastra thermal plasma (1992).
mekal, vmekal Mewe-Kaastra-Liedahl thermal plasma (1995).
mkcflow, vmcflow Cooling flow model based on mekal.
mtable Multiplicative table model.
nei, vnei Simple nonequilibrium ionization plasma model.
nlapec Continuum-only APEC emission spectrum.
notch Notch line absorption.
npshock, vnpshock Plane-parallel shock with ion and electron temperatures.
nsa Neutron star with hydrogen atmosphere
nsagrav Neutron star with hydrogen atmosphere for different g.
nsatmos Neutron star H atmosphere with e-conduction and self-irradiation
nsmax Neutron star magnetic atmosphere.
nsmaxg Neutron star with a magnetic atmosphere.
nsx Neutron star with a non-magnetic atmosphere.
nteea Pair plasma model.
nthcomp Thermally comptonized continuum.
olivineabs Extinction due to olivine grains.
optxagnf, optxagn Colour temperature corrected disc and energetically coupled Comptonisation model for AGN.
partcov Convert absorption model into a partial covering absorption.
pcfabs, zpcfabs Partial covering fraction absorption.
pegpwrlw Powerlaw with pegged normalization.
pexmon Neutral Compton reflection with self-consistent Fe and Ni lines.
pexrav Exponentially cut-off power-law reflected from neutral matter.
pexriv Exponentially cut-off power-law reflected from ionized matter.
phabs, vphabs, zphabs, zvphabs Photo-electric absorption
pileup CCD pile-up model for Chandra
plabs Absorption model with power-law dependence on energy.
plcabs Cut-off powerlaw observed through dense, cold matter.
polconst Constant polarization.
pollin Linearly dependent polarization.
polpow Powerlaw dependent polarization.
posm Positronium continuum.
powerlaw, zpowerlw Simple photon power law.
projct 3-D to 2-D projection mixing model.
pshock, vpshock Constant temperature, plane-parallel shock plasma model.
pwab Power-law distribution of neutral absorbers.
qsosed Simplified form of the AGN SED model.
raymond, vraymond Raymond-Smith thermal plasma.
rdblur Convolve with the diskline model shape.
recorn Change correction norm for a spectrum (replaces old recornrm command).
redden IR/optical/UV extinction from Cardelli et al. (1989)
redge Recombination edge.
reflect reflection from neutral matter
refsch E-folded power-law reflected from an ionized relativistic disk.
relconv, relconvlp, relconvlpext Convolve with the relline model shape.
relline, rellinelp, rellinelpext Emission line from relativistic accretion disk around a BH.
rfxconv angle-dependent reflection from an ionized disk
rgsxsrc XMM RGS extended source
rnei, vrnei, vvrnei Non-equilibrium recombining collisional plasma.
polrot Rotate polarization.
sedov, vsedov Sedov model with electron and ion temperatures.
sirf Multi-blackbody self-irradiated funnel model.
simpl Comptonization of a seed spectrum.
slimbh Stationary slim accretion disk.
smaug Model for an optically-thin, spherically-symmetric thermal plasma.
smedge Smoothed absorption edge.
snapec, bsnapec Galaxy cluster spectrum using SN yields.
spexpcut Super-exponential cutoff absorption.
spline Spline multiplicative factor.
srcut Synchrotron radiation from cut-off electron distribution.
sresc Synchrotron radiation from escape-limited electron distribution.
ssa Strangeon star atmosphere model.
SSSice Einstein Observatory SSS ice absorption.
step Step function convolved with gaussian.
suzpsf Suzaku PSF mixing model.
swind1 Absorption by partially ionized material with large velocity shear.
tapec, vtapec, vvtapec APEC emission spectrum with separate continuum and line temperatures.
tbabs, ztbabs, tbgrain, tbvarabs Absorption due to the ISM including molecules and grains.
thcomp Thermally comptonized continuum convolution model.
uvred UV reddening.
varabs, zvarabs Photoelectric absorption with variable abundances.
vashift Velocity shifts an additive model.
vmshift Velocity shifts a multiplicative model.
voigt A simple Voigt line profile.
wabs, zwabs Photoelectric absorption (Morrison & McCammon).
wdem, vwdem, vvwdem, bwdem, bvwdem, bvvwdem Plasma emission, multi-temperature with power-law distribution of emission measure.
wndabs, zwndabs Photoelectric absorption with low energy window.
xion The reflected spectrum from a photo-ionized accretion disk.
xilconv angle-dependent reflection from an ionized disk
xmmpsf XMM PSF model
xscat dust scattering
zashift Redshift an additive model.
zbabs EUV ISM attenuation.
zdust Extinction by dust grains (Pei, 1992).
zigm UV/Optical attenuation by the intergalactic medium.
zmshift Redshift a multiplicative model.
zredden Redshifted IR/optical/UV extinction from Cardelli et al. (1989)
zsmdust Extinction by dust grains in starburst galaxies.
zvfeabs Redshifted absorption with variable iron abundance.
zxipab Power-law distribution of ionized absorbers.
zxipcf Partial covering absorption by partially ionized material.